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Reading light
$360.00 Original price was: $360.00.$212.00Current price is: $212.00.
$360.00 Original price was: $360.00.$212.00Current price is: $212.00.



Product features

Reading light

Original price was: $360.00.Current price is: $212.00.


The most exceptional reading lamp ever designed, featuring a 360-degree free-turning capability and deep recessed lighting to mitigate glare. Easily turned off by simply rotating back. Smart and effortless installation facilitated by securing with a single nut. Supplied with an installation box and driver. Equipped with a built-in switch that turns off the light when the head is pressed. The head is rotatable, with a range of 350 degrees left and right, and 90 degrees up and down. Available in two optional sizes: small and large.

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional Design: Designed as the pinnacle of reading lamp technology, offering unparalleled functionality.
  • 360-Degree Rotation: Allows for complete freedom of movement, enabling users to adjust the light direction to their preference.
  • Deep Recessed Lighting: Engineered with deep recessed lighting to minimize glare, ensuring comfortable reading experiences.
  • Effortless Activation: Simply turning the lamp back switches it off, providing a hassle-free user experience.
  • Convenient Installation: Installation is streamlined and straightforward, requiring only the tightening of a single nut.
  • Comprehensive Package: Supplied with an installation box and driver, offering everything needed for a smooth setup process.
  • Built-in Switch: Features a built-in switch that automatically turns off the light when the head is pressed, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency.
  • Versatile Adjustment: The lamp head can be rotated 350 degrees left and right and 90 degrees up and down, providing flexibility for various lighting needs.
  • Two Size Options: Available in two sizes (small and large), catering to different preferences and spatial requirements.
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Jet Black | Jet Black

Jet Black | Snow White

Emergency Module

Anodic Champagne

Anodic Champagne | Jet Black

Snow White | Snow White

Snow White | Snow White

Jet Black | Satin Gold

Radiant Silver | Radiant Silver

Radiant Silver | Radiant Silver

Urban Graphite | Urban Graphite

Snow White | Satin Copper

Application Picture
Filters & configuration
Product name Article codeLength L/Diameter D (mm) Optical systemFinish colorColor temperatureControlCurrent/PowerReflector color inside
Basic-A3BA3AWE-830M-D300-W D=400mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White3000KSwitchable High-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3AWE-830M-D400-W D=400mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White3000KSwitchableHigh-Powereflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3AWE-830M-D500-WD=500mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White3000KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3AWE-830M-D600-W D=600mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White3000KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3AWE-827M-D300-W D=300mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White2700KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3AWE-827M-D400-W D=400mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White2700KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3AWE-827M-D500-W D=500mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White2700KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3AWE-827M-D600-W D=600mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White2700KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3AWE-840M-D400-W D=400mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White4000KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3ASE-827M-D600-SD=600mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White2700KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3ASE-827M-D500-SD=500mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White2700KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3ASE-827M-D400-SD=400mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White2700KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3ASE-827M-D300-SD=300mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White2700KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3ASE-830M-D600-SD=600mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White3000KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3ASE-830M-D500-SD=500mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White3000KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3ASE-830M-D400-SD=400mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White3000KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3ASE-830M-D300-SD=300mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White3000KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3AWE-840M-D600-W D=300mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White4000KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3AWE-840M-D500-W D=500mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White4000KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White
Basic-A3BA3AWE-840M-D300-W D=300mmMicroprismatic screenSnow White4000KSwitchableLow-PowerReflector: Snow White

Additional information

Product Mounting

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<35, 35, 45, 55, 65, 68, 75, 80, 83, 100, 125, 150, 175, 190, 200, 240, Other

Delivered lumen

< 500 lm, 501-1000 lm, 1001-1500 lm, 1501-2000 lm, 2001-2500 lm, 2501-3000 lm, 3001-3500 lm, 3501-4000 lm, 4001-4500 lm, 4501-5000 lm, >5000 lm


< 5W, 5-10W, 11-15W, 16-20W, 21-25W, 26-30W, 31-35W, 36-40W, 41-45W, 46-50W, >50W

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